bio_sept 15 2017.png

i am an artist and writer who often interweaves somatic movement, intersecting spatial forms, textual and verbal translational glitches, and precarious gestures imposed by technology. i am interested in how these processes can relate to shape-shifting our cognitive, emotive, bodily, and social ways of being.  

Being a soft spoken woman, i am often led towards speaking from places of shyness and sensitivity, through which strength in vulnerability can become exposed as embodied processes. i seek to intertwine approaches of physical and mental well-being with theoretical discussion and live practices that stem from femininity, Indigenous perspectives, and performance in art history, contemporary dance, and active grassroots cultures. With this approach, i feel that the activation of multidisciplinary and intercultural dialogues are a necessary means of fostering a mindfulness for decolonial ways of seeing. 

Coming from a mixed ancestry of Asian-European roots with gaps in between, i carry much gratitude for continuing to grow and learn as a guest on the unceded ancestral lands of the Coast Salish peoples.